Government employment (AU Foundation Course)



The AU Foundation Course operates within the framework of Eastern India’s most rapidly growing Adamas University and is a proud member of Roy’s Institute of Competitive Examination (RICE Group) withholding it’s 35 years of legacy.

This is a 3year unique course developed for the aspirant undergraduate students of any stream/ course of Adamas University to be competitively ready along with their regular graduation degree to feature on the merit list of competitive government sector employment examinations. The School of Professional Studies creates a training ground where students are guided through a tried and tested system and environment that harnesses talent, increases knowledge capacity and give them an edge over others.
The school guides you towards a dream job that will have the following advantages:

• Job security – A government job is one of the most secure jobs in the country unlike jobs in the private sector
• High salary – With current scales of salaries a government employee gets paid more than many private sector employees
• Regular increments – Assured inflation based annual increments are guaranteed
• Prestigious posts – Many government posts enjoy considerable authority and decision-making responsibilities
• Social status – Throughout the country there is a respectable degree of reverence towards government employees
• Comfortable working hours – Working hours are set and comfortable in most situations making it possible to have a good work life balance
• Huge retirement benefits – Employees are supported by retirement benefits assuring continuous income throughout a lifetime
• Medical facilities – Facilities for availing medical benefits are superior to many other sectors providing employment


1. AU under-graduate student
2. AU post-graduate students

New Batch


Admission Procedure

The application process starts along with1st year admission in Adamas University and this course is considered as an add-on course. Even 2nd and 3rd year students can join by paying the admission fees. This will be treated as an add-on course.