The objective of the training program is to bring about personality development with regard to the different behavioral dimensions that have far reaching significance in the direction of organizational effectiveness.


  • Lecture-cum-discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Management Games
  • Case Studies


The participants will consist of employees and aspirants from all sectors.

Duration: 5 days

Course content

  • Introduction to Leadership,
  • Leadership Power,
  • Leadership Styles,
  • Leadership in Administration.
  • Introduction to Interpersonal Relations,
  • Analysis of different ego states,
  • Analysis of Transactions,
  • Analysis of Strokes,
  • Analysis of Life position
  • Introduction to Communication,
  • Flow of Communication,
  • Listening,
  • Barriers of Communication,
  • How to overcome barriers of communication?
  • Introduction to Stress,
  • Causes of Stress,
  • Impact of Stress,
  • Managing Stress
  • Importance of groups in organization,
  • Interactions in group,
  • Group Decision Taking,
  • Team Building,
  • Interaction with the Team,
  • How to build a good team?
  • Introduction to Conflict,
  • Causes of Conflict,
  • Managing Conflict
  • Introduction to Performance Appraisal,
  • Vertical Appraisal,
  • Horizontal Appraisal,
  • 360º Performance Appraisal,
  • Methods of improving
  • Techniques of Performance Appraisal.
  • Time as a Resource,
  • Identify Important Time Wasters,
  • Individual Time Management Styles,
  • Time Quadrants,
  • Techniques for better Time Management.
  • Introduction to Motivation,
  • Relevance and types of Motivation,
  • Motivating the subordinates,
  • Analysis of Motivation